Pillows, Mugs, & Building Work! - Louise Mead

Pillows, Mugs, & Building Work!

As you may already know from one of my Facebook posts, it's been an incredibly hectic couple of months for me.  I had some renovation work planned on my kitchen at the beginning of September, but what I thought would take a few weeks ended up taking almost two months!  It turned out we had quite a serious damp problem, and we were left with no choice other than to take out our kitchen and bathroom and take both rooms back to brick.  Whilst it was great news in terms of having to get a lovely shiny new kitchen and bathroom, it did mean packing up my studio to protect all my ongoing works from dust, so that slowed things down and meant I had little to share with you.  

As if that wasn't a bit of a spanner in the works already, I received really sad news from the lovely people who had been manufacturing my home accessories range.  So, in case you were wondering why everything had gone quiet on that front, that's the main reason.  I've had no new work to share, and no accessories to share with you.  

However, the good news is I've found a new manufacturer, a company that's a bit closer to me in Reading which means I can visit them when I need to, and they do a lovely range of accessories including pillows and mugs (as you can see in the photos).  

It's going to take me a little while to get all these new products listed, but you should soon be able to order them again, in case you missed out beforehand.  I'll also be doing some nice giveaways to promote them so watch this space!  

Mugs - Louise Mead