Discount Terms & Conditions


Seller: The Seller is Louise Mead.  

Customer: Anyone making a purchase from 

Discount:  Any price reduction calculated at the checkout stage, whether via a code, link, or Special Offer. The exception to this is Gift Cards that have been purchased outright and have a clear monetary value for the period they are valid. It also does not refer to sales where the advertised price is already reduced.  

Fair Use: All Discounts are offered on the assumption Customers will act fairly and reasonably when using them and not attempt to achieve a price reduction that could be detrimental to the Seller or result in financial loss.

Order:  Any purchase made via  

Sale: Temporary reductions in the Full Price of any item listed for purchase on the Seller's website.

Full Price: The advertised price of any item before Discounts, Sales, promotions, or special offers are applied.  

Special Offers: Special Offers may be offered in several ways, including price reductions or free items where Customers purchase multiple items or make purchases over a specified minimum spend. The Seller will provide details of each Special Offer at the time of each event or offer.  


  1. Discounts, unless stated otherwise, apply to Full Price items that are not already on Sale or subject to any other Special Offers or Discounts at the same time.  
  2. Customers can use only one Discount at a time. 
  3. All Discounts are subject to Fair Use. The Seller reserves the right to withdraw Discounts or decline Orders where it appears a Customer has used any Discount(s) in a manner that could result in detriment or financial loss for the Seller or the Seller's other Customers.   
  4. Where the Seller has reason to believe that multiple accounts have been created within the one household to access the same Discount numerous times, the Seller reserves the right to decline the Order. In the rare event that this occurs, the Seller will provide a full refund to the Customer.  
  5. The Seller reserves the right to change or withdraw Discounts at any time, without notice.  
  6. These Discount Terms & Conditions are not a replacement for the general Terms & Conditions which can be found here.  Where there is any conflict or ambiguity between these and the general Terms and Conditions, the general Terms & Conditions will apply.